Who are we ?

Natural Solution Technologies is a French company founded by Antoine Gouteyron, PhD in 2020. After being part of several successful technology research groups, his passion for green Chemistry led him to found a chemical company aimed at developing more sustainable solutions, either improving existing products and processes or creating innovative ones.

Mission & Values

At Natural Solution Technologies, we value interdisciplinary and collaborative work for true disruptive innovation. For us, this is the only way to move forward for a more sustainable world. We aim to :

  1. Replace petrobased and toxic chemicals by innocuous biobased solutions. Especially industrial solvents and monomers.
  2. Exploit and complete scientific data with the help of algorithms, from simple excel datasheets to state of the art Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Help you gather and interpret information on available intellectual property in your competitive environment, giving you access to unexploited processes or technologies.

We also value confidentiality, all our projects start by signing a non disclosure agreement. Collaborative work must always profits all players involved.


Year 2021